Our Story

Mama Chen's was created with a vision to share the authentic experience of cooking delicious and healthy Chinese dumplings in the comfort of your own home. You can enjoy Mama Chen's dumplings for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, as a starter or the main course. It never ceases to amaze and create a conversation around the table. 

One of my earliest and happiest memories was learning to make dumplings with my grandma Chen and perfecting the techniques with my father who was a dim sum chef. I'm proud to offer a range of dumplings inspired by my family and to share all the delicious and healthy recipes I grew up with.

Our main mission is to spread the joy of dumpling making and to broaden the knowledge of healthy home-cooked Chinese food. We aim to offer a fun and informative dumpling making experience by also creating dumpling classes where you can learn to make your own dim sum.

And if you are looking for a vibrant and unique catering service then we have you covered too, our dumpling stations are ready to go!

Thank you for supporting our business and helping us create a dumpling-loving community.